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We have collected various brochures providing information about specific diseases, our practices, units, and departments, and the KLINIK am RING. All brochures can be downloaded in PDF format. Just click on the cover.

Currently these brochures are only available in the German language. If you are interested to receive more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Brochure KLINIK am RING

This brochure contains comprehensive information about quality assurance, our staff, and our medical equipment. It also serves as a refrence tool for referring physicians by providing in-depth information about the KLINIK am RING, its individual clinics, and departments.

Klinikprospekt Seite 1

This brochure informs you about everything you need to know about the KLINIK am RING and your stay as an inpatient – a practical guide for patients and their families.


A special article of the KLINIK am RING, published in the Rheinischen Post, informs you about new developments.

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Brochure informing about our physicians' practices

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Praxisbroschuere Orthopaaedie Seite 1KNIE & SCHULTER ZENTRUM Seite 1

Patienteninfo GelenkverschleissPatienteninfo Meniskus Seite 1Patienteninfo Kreuzband Seite 1

Patienteninfo Schulterschmerzen Seite 1


West-German Prostate Center

Praxisbroschuere Urologie Seite 1


 Radiology / Nuclear Medicine

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